Case Studies

Ensure Network Safety

CHALLENGE:  A local business was struggling with lost productivity because some users were accessing inappropriate web sites in violation of company policy and contaminating the network with viruses. 
SOLUTION:  Accounting Link Technologies implemented an affordable resolution – Sonic Wall TZ series router enabled us to provide additional protection against malware and prevent users from accessing unauthorized web sites on the company’s computers.
Affordable Disaster Recovery
CHALLENGE:  A distributor realized that their business would not be able to sustain a downtime of more than a few hours without a substantial cost to the company.  Researching redundant servers and other backup systems, they realized they needed a more affordable solution.
SOLUTION:  Accounting Link Technologies installed a Safe-T-Net server, a low cost, high performance virtual server that would synchronize with one or more critical servers simultaneously; act as a substitute for a critical server in the event of a failure; and could be up and running more rapidly that most disaster recovery systems.
Product and Pricing Availability
CHALLENGE:  A distributor needed to make information about their product specifications, availability and pricing available to internal and external sales personnel.
SOLUTION:  We built a dynamic web site that integrated the product specification information from their inventory management system with their product catalogue.  The information could be maintained in just one location and customers could more easily select appropriate products for their needs.  We also built order management screens for sales representatives to track their customers without costly software licenses.