Quick Tip: AntiVirus

Here is a helpful guide to guarding against viruses with some virus symptoms and prevention tips!

Guide to Guarding Against Viruses
Sample Symptoms and Prevention Tips
Symptoms of Viruses

1 – Frequent errors and pop ups
2 – Your computer runs much slower than it typical does
3 – The computer stops responding and locks up or crashes and retarts by itself
4 – Applications don’t respond properly and you cannot print correctly or at all
5 – Applications and drives disappear or no longer allow you access to them
6 – New icon’s appear on your desktop that you didn’t install
7 – Your speakers suddenly make strange sounds or musicTips to Help Prevent Viruses

1 – Only open email messages and websites from reliable sources
2 – Carefully look at the attachment to see that it looks like a normal extension – such as .gif, .jpg, .pdf, .exe.  If you notice a strange image or unrecognizable file extension, be cautious
3 – Before clicking on a link or hyperlink, mouse over it to see that what you are opening has a recognizable URL.  If the redirect appears strange or doesn’t match the location name, don’t open it
4 – Make sure your company has a policy against visiting popular movie, social media, music and entertainment and career sites to enhance virus protection.  If you don’t have a policy, contact ALT to help you develop one
5 – Install anti-virus and anti-spyware protection and their subsequent updates.  They are helpful in eliminating KNOWN viruses but do not guard against 100% protection
6 – Consider a security router to stop viruses from getting into your network
7 – Create email address using your own domain and avoid AOL email addresses to reduce spam and viruses

What to do if you suspect a virus

1 – Contact your IT department or call Accounting Link Technologies (ALT) 845.567.4376 immediately
2 – Sometimes people automatically reboot the computer after finding out that they have a virus which can actually harm your system even more so resist the urge to restart until you speak with IT
3 – Consider purchasing a security router – to protect your computer, hard drives, servers and network from destructive viruses.  ALT can provide you complimentary quotes for a proper device